Privacy Policy

  • The add-on uses OAuth authentication, a secure authentication method, in order to connect with Google Services – to enable add-on access and provide the requested data. This means that information regarding your Google login password, if requested, is only passed between your computer and Google servers, thus being completely private from the add-on.
  • The add-on will request to “Send email as you”. This is only to enable the functionality of backup notification emails, since the add-on can only send emails with the sender being the active user. No other emails can be sent from your account.
  • The Google Search Console data is passed from the Google Search Analytics API directly to the add-on, after which the add-on writes the data to your Google Sheets. None of this data is stored anywhere else at any point in the process, which means noone other than you (and any other users who have access to the respective Google Sheets) can see it.
  • The add-on does gather some information for statistical purposes. The following information is recorded:
    • E-mail address used with the add-on, for providing support with add-on issues
    • Type of request, whether it is a backup or normal request
    • Number of rows retrieved with the request, with no information regarding what the rows contain, or what sites/properties were queried